My senior year capstone project, Deadboy is a puzzle-platformer currently in development by me and 7 other team members. A spiritual successor to a project dreamt up a year earlier, Deadboy has you take control of five kids who've entered the afterlife to save one of them from the brink of death. By solving puzzles, using the powers of death, and working as a team, they may yet overcome the trials of The Middle.
For this project I've been tasked as the lead developer/programmer, working with a team of 1 assistant programmer, 3 artists, a sound designer, a writer/designer, and a production manager. To achieve such an ambitious project in roughly 8 months alongside other classes, I've had to use all of the skills developed in creating my other projects, as well as learn new ones, such as Anima2D for skeletal animations in Unity3D. We hope to have a fully playable product by the end of our development cycle.
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