I worked at Lantana Games remotely for 4 months during the Summer of 2018. While I worked on a few different tasks during my time there, my main task was the creation of a house customization tool to automate the task of creating buildings for the level building team.
To achieve this task, I created a fully fledged house customization tool, using the rather limited Pro-Builder API to create the necessary meshes. Doing this, I learned a lot about how to create editor tools, and created a few custom editor tricks along the way (such as a script that could hide or show serializable fields based on the value of getters in either that object or the class containing the object). 
I also created systems to allow users to change the textures of the houses on the fly, load and save their own custom house presets, links to documentation directly in the asset, and more. My focus was giving users of the tool the most optimal experience possible so that they can spend time focusing on their creativity rather than battling with settings, even if they were new to using Unity or game engines in general.​​​​​​​
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