Inequality INC started as a group project for a college course: Game Development and Production. Our team consisted of 6 members, of which I was the lead programmer (doing the vast majority of the coding and engine related tasks). The game began as a way to educate players and allow them to sympathize with those who are marginalized and verbally and/or physically abused in the workplace. To achieve this, we decided on an RPG format where you talk to people around the workplace and piece together what's been going on around the office.
Our project lead Ryan Malloney did a great job of both keeping us on track and on task, but the project wasn't without its hiccups. One such issue we ran into was discovering ​that our lead artist had plagiarized all of our pixel art, barring us from submitting to BFIG (which we notified immediately) and from moving forward with the project in general. However, we're glad to be making progress on implementing the new art, and are planning on releasing on Steam in the near future. 
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