My second solo project - Sw|tch Blayd is the first game that I've released on mobile platforms (ie: IOS and Android). I had the inspiration for this game while on a long train ride playing an infinite runner when I thought to myself, "This game sucks, I could make something better than this." At which point I stopped playing the game, brainstormed for 20 minutes, and then began working on prototyping in Unity right there on the train. 
Sw|tch Blayd is a simple game where the main mechanic is the player's current rotating direction. If the player is rotating the same way as 'coins', they'll pick them up, and if they're rotating the same way as obstacles they'll go through them. It's a very basic game but I've had a lot of fun making it. Since the code behind it is relatively simple, I've put a lot of work into making the visuals as appealing as possible, fine tuning the game's performance, working with ads and in app purchases for the first time, and adding small details like adding a plugin to detect if the user has music in the background. 
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